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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installation(HVAC)

We pride ourselves on high quality installations from split type air conditioners, cassette units, ducted systems and high end VRF systems. Our sales team is highly experienced and can assist you with your designs and requirements on air conditioning installation

We install, repair and maintain Air- conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, Ventilation Systems, Chilled Water Systems and Electrical Systems in industrial, commercial and residential sectors –

We require immediate payment upon completion of installation. Jobs do not usually take more than 2 hours to complete.Our Aircon installers and Service teams work in and out of Cape Town, West Coast , Northern Suburbs, and the Southern Areas.

We accept the following methods of payment: Cash and EFT.

Air conditioning Installation Cape Town and Surroundings

  • Commercial
  • Residential and Offices

We offer the best pricing and unbeatable rates when it comes to supplying a quote for installation, service, repairs as well as maintenance contracts for all air conditioning systems. Our prices may vary from time to time depending on the rate of the Rand. As all of our air conditioners are not manufactured locally but imported into the country. The prices of Copper piping, Aluminum pipes, Refrigerant gas and the cost of fuel can adversely affect the cost. However we will try our utmost best to maintain a fixed price to cater to the needs of our customers and the general public.

Our Prices may differ from job to job, but we will strive to always ensure and guarantee the best price for the services we offer, giving you value for your money. We offer a all in one pricing structure on all our air conditioning installations ensuring you get what you pay for.

Back to Back installation – R2800.00

We install any make or brand of mid-wall split system air conditioner, inverter split systems, heating and cooling units, ceiling cassette units, hide away systems and ducted systems. All Piping , power cables, signal cables, trunking, drain pipes, labor, user training and commissioning to ensure complete functionality of your installed aircon will be included.

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Multiple Story A/C Installation – R3800.00

There is no job too big and no job too small, our professional air con installers are qualified to handle the task of minor to complicated installations. We also install flexible ducting systems. We install in single story houses and buildings to double story houses and buildings. All our installations allow for 2m of copper or aluminium pipe runs for both back to back and long runs.

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  1. Standard back to back air conditioning installation, the outdoor condenser unit is mounted on a flat surfaced wall using brackets for support.
  2. The room in which the installation is to take place must be cleared up allowing enough space for the technicians to work.
  3. Installation of air con only, additional items are listed under what is not included.
  4. We drill through normal brick walls. Any double bricks and concrete drilling will be at the clients own expense.
  5. Private homes and business complex installations are done daily. Permission to install if required by the Body Corporate will be liaised by the client and not us before installation takes place.

  1. 2m of copper or aluminium pipe, armor flex insulation – for single and multiple storey homes.
  2. Signal and power cables run from the indoor unit to the external unit.
  3. 20mm conduit drain pipe to disperse the water from the unit.
  4. We supply brackets to mount the outdoor compressor unit if necessary.
  5. We provide the labor needed to completely install your air conditioner.
  6. We supply and fit anti-vibration rubber mountings to prevent rattles.
  7. We will test, commission and give user training to the client upon completion.

  1. All Electrical work done on the Distribution Board is excluded from our prices please see * below. Work done on the Distribution Board will be charged R1400-00 Inc Vat.
  2. You need to supply your own Air conditioning unit, or if need be we can quote you on a system that suites your requirements. For professional assistance we can send out one of our experienced technical sales representatives to advise you on the right sized unit and product you need.
  3. Removal of your existing aircon is NOT included in the price. You will be charged an extra R500-00 Inc Vat per AC. We can remove your existing aircon.
  4. All aircon installations are not done out of the Western Cape Province unless prior arrangements have been made.
  5. We do not provide scaffolding in the price of installation, that will be an additional charge.

  1. We service and repair all types of Air-conditioners.
  2. We install all brands and models from Samsung, Alliance, Jet Air, Daikin and Mitsubishi.
  3. All units bought by another dealer or vendor should be in good working condition before we can proceed with installation.
  4. We will only install on premises that are attended to by someone.
  5. Extra copper piping, ducting and conduits will be at an additional charge of R150-00 per metre.
  6. Our electricians will do all electrical installations from the Main Distribution Board to the aircon unit. Therefore the prices may vary depending on the type of property, amount of cabling and the capacity of the mains.
If you need your Air Conditioner installed at your home or office, give us a call