CCTV Camera System Installations

CCTV Camera System Installation

Supply and Installations of Professional CCTV camera systems, Based in Milnerton, servicing the Cape Town areas.

Suppliers and Installers of Quality CCTV camera systems.

Toptronic Energy Electrical is an independent supplier and installer of quality cctv camera system installations and emergency lighting based in Milnerton, servicing the greater Cape Town area.

We are able to source and install suitable CCTV systems to suit your exact needs and specifications from numerous reputable local suppliers to match your budget.

Modern CCTV cameras and systems offer a huge array of products from the simple cost effective CCTV camera to the latest High Definition CCTV camera’s capable of facial recognition over half a mile away.

Before rushing out and buying that “cheap” CCTV system you saw advertised at your nearest supermarket you need to first ascertain your needs and carefully research whether the CCTV system will in fact perform adequately, if at all.

There are a few simple CCTV system pre-planning steps, or CCTV system design criteria, to be considered before you even start shopping around.

Make a simple plan of your required CCTV installation. Save yourself from potential additional costs and disappointment by creating a simple layout of the area you wish to cover. The details of each persons CCTV plans will vary depending on your requirements. Some will be happy with a basic CCTV system that allows us to view a few cameras around the home, or keep an eye on the kids in the pool, you are probably not too concerned about possible blind spots, picture quality, backup storage or night vision etc. However for those of us using the CCTV system for proper security these details will become more important.

Not all CCTV Camera installations, or systems, are the same.

Will your cctv system installation require some sort of recording system, like a DVR or is live cctv monitoring sufficient?

For certain non security critical purposes it may not be necessary to record and store CCTV footage on a DVR, you may just want to keep an eye on what’s going on around your home, or the kids in the pool, but for commercial security keeping a record of your CCTV footage is advisable.

CCTV dedicated monitor.

Do you want dedicated CCtv monitors, if so how many and what size, or are you happy to simply connect through your CCtv system to your existing TV network?

You will require a device on which to view the pictures supplied by your CCTV cameras, for domestic purposes your existing TV may suffice, but for greater security we recommend making use of dedicated CCTV monitors.

CCTV Outdoor Camera.

Are you going to require indoor or outdoor cctv camera’s or a combination of the two on your installation?

CCTV cameras are available in a vast selection for specific purposes, indoor CCTV cameras do not require the same IP rating as outdoor cameras, you will need to select your CCTV cameras according to where they will be positioned, indoors, outdoors – covered or non covered.

Monitor for Black and White CCTV Cameras.

Colour or black and white CCTV camera’s?

We all know the obvious advantage of Colour CCTV cameras over Black and White, but generally Black and White CCTV cameras are less expensive, so it’s a budget vs requirements decision. For many domestic CCTV installations black and white CCTV cameras are probably sufficient.

CCTV Cameras with Night Vision, Infra Red

Will the CCTV camera’s require night vision capability, or is the coverage area adequately lit, if night vision is required, over what distance?

A very important consideration in choosing CCTV cameras. Is it necessary for your CCTV cameras to “see” in the dark, and if so, over what distance. A poor choice of CCTV cameras could render your CCTV system useless at night when you need it most.

High Definition CCTV Camera.

Picture quality or resolution, what level of detail do you require from your cctv system & over what distance?

For most of us the basic CCTV camera provides an adequate resolution, but if you require a system that can provide better detail over a distance then a higher resolution CCTV cameras will be important to you.

CCTV Camera with pan and tilt control.

Are you happy with static camera’s or do you require cctv camera’s that can be controlled with zoom and direction control?

For certain CCTV applications you may require greater control over where a CCTV camera is “looking” requiring control over pan, tilt and zoom, especially if you have a limited number of CCTV cameras covering a large area.

Vandal Proof CCTV Camera Installation.

Do the CCTV camera’s need to be installed in a manner to prevent vandalism?

Will you be installing your CCTV cameras in a position where they could be easily vandalised, you may need a special installation or vandal proof CCTV cameras.

CCTV Camera Footage Storage.

If you require video storage, at what frame rate, quality of stored video and how much video is to be stored before being overwritten?

If you are going to be recording your CCTV footage it’s important to know how much data you will be storing before it needs to be backed up, or over written. It’s also important that your recordings be secure and can not simply be removed or over written.

Viewing CCTV footage remotely.

Do your require the ability to view your camera’s remotely with a digital CCtv system?

Digital technology and the internet make it possible to view your CCTV footage remotely using a computer, tablet or numerous other devices, but generally digital CCTV cameras are more expensive.