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1 Riversdale Road, Milnerton , CPT
Mon-Fri 07:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Say goodbye to load-shedding with our generator backup power packages

Petrol & diesel Generator Installation

Backup generator installation may seem like a challenge, but in reality, this process can be done simply and quickly if the job is outsourced to a professional company that has sufficient experience and ability to manage the installation properly.

Based in Milnerton, serving the Western Cape areas

Eskom load shedding often leaves us in the dark at very inconvenient times, if it happens during the day business production is affected costing business owners money, after hours cuts negatively impact on our home lives.

Installing a standby generator is a quick and cost effective method of overcoming these power cuts.
Remember a generator should only be installed by a qualified electrician, incorrect installation can be dangerous
Toptronic Qualified electricians can connect generators of all sizes to fit your needs from a basic manually operated generator system to power some lights and appliances to to a fully automatic (ATS) generator system that powers the entire home or office.

  • Supply and installation of various makes of customized standby generators
  • Fault finding and repair on alternators including fitment of new automatic voltage regulator
  • On-site Generator Load Testing
  • Generator Relocation
  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Generator
  • Maintenance, upgrading and refurbishing of all makes of generator control panels
  • On-site fault finding

    modification and repair of all makes

  • Re-fueling of standby generators

  • Electrical Compliance Certificate

  • Wiring Replacement

Always Hire a Professionals to Service and Maintenance Your Generator

Toptronic Energy Electrical provides servicing and maintenance of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems, Inverters, Diesel Generator Sets and Battery Systems
It is recommended that your Diesel Generator Set be serviced at 50 Hours and then once every 6 months or every 250 Running Hours
UPS systems should be serviced once every 6 months
Battery’s should be checked every 6 months and changed on average between 3 and 5 years
Our highly experienced technicians can handle most UPS and Generator Sets

When searching for a reliable generator Installation electrician, call us at 073 409 4390. We specialize in generator repairs, maintenance, backup power systems, petrol and diesel generators installations, panel upgrades, and electrical inspections!

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