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    Geyser Timer Installation

    The no.1 supplier and installer of geyser timers and geyser blankets in Cape Town – call us now to book. What most people don’t realize is that the geyser accounts for 40% to 60% of the total electricity used in an average household in a month. When you think about this exponentially that’s thousands of geysers country wide running all day and night, this places terrible strain of the electricity supply grid. This is why Eskom frequently asks consumers to install geyser timers in order to control the geyser’s operating times. A geyser timer is a consistent way to ensure that your geyser remains off during peak electricity demand periods. What you should know is that your geyser is fundamentally a giant kettle. You can imagine that keeping your kitchen kettle running all day would significantly increase your electricity usage. Ironically there are a lot of debates around whether keeping your geyser on permanently ends up costing more electricity than if you only turned it on when you actually needed it.

    What you need to know about Geyser Timers and Geyser Blankets:.

    When There are several methods which help you save electricity and money. Reducing the usage of high consumption appliances is the best way to do so. Geysers are the number one consumer of electricity in any household, they are responsible for 60% of your total electricity bill. Geysers are the main appliances to concentrate on when trying to make any substantial savings.

    Eskom requests that home owners switch off their geysers during peak demand hours, or when not in use. Switching off a geyser at the DB panel manually is not good practice as these circuit breakers are not designed for high use as with a normal light switch. They are meant to be used only when work is carried out on the panel. These circuit breakers will eventually wear out and break, leaving you with cold water and a huge repair bill – moving you back to square one.

    By installing a geyser timer in your existing DB panel, you will see immediate savings on your monthly bill and a full return on investment within a few months. This also relieves you from getting up in early morning to switch the geyser on and it’s one less thing to worry about.

    Install A Geyser Timer ” No more getting up early to switch the geyser on…”.

    How do you use your geyser efficiently and more effectively?

    Be sure to install a geyser timer, geyser blanket and energy-saving or water-saving shower-heads. Analyse your water usage patterns and then have a geyser timer or similar controller installed to ensure that your geyser will only operate to meet those specific usage requirements.

    If you were to have the geyser come on at around 4am and go off at 6am will provide enough hot water for the morning up to around 12pm without having to run the geyser again, if you have a geyser timer and blanket installed. It’s advisable to then have the geyser on between 1pm and 2pm just to maintain the water temperature. After which the geyser can be switched off until around 4pm, and then can stay on until 6pm. Then you are able to switch it off for the rest of the night. By doing it this way, your geyser will not be running during peak demand periods and this will contribute to lower demand on the grid.

    In addition energy-saving and water-saving showerheads reduce the flow volume of the water by more than half. You see an average showerhead uses about 20 litres of water per minute, of which around 40% is hot water. So in a single 5-minute shower, that will amount to a 100 litres of water and 40 litres of that will be hot water. When you have installed energy and water efficient shower-heads you can further reduce that flow to just 9 litres per minute.

    • Save money
    • Save electricity
    • Your geyser accounts for 40% to 60% of the total electricity!
    • Geyser Blankets – Pipe Insulation
    • Electrical Certificate Of Compliance
    • Save water
    • Help reduce demand on the grid
    • Geyser Elements Replacement
    • Solar Geyser Installation
    • Geyser Wise Installation
    • Electrical Repairs
    We offer a 24 hour service with reasonable after hour rates. Geyser Repairs, Geyser Installations, Smart Geyser, Solar Geysers, Geyser Timer

    Our installations carry a 10 year workmanship guarantee & 2 year product guarantee on the digital timer !

    When searching for a reliable electrician for Geyser Installations, Geyser Repairs, Solar Geyser, Geyser Timers, CALL or WHATSAPP us at +27 73 409 4390. 

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