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  • geyser timer installation in cape town
    Digital Programmable Geyser Timer, Wifi Smart Timer, Geyserwise Intelligent Control
    Geyser Timer Installation

    We offer Top-quality Residential and commercial geyser timer installations in and around Cape Town.
    Our team of accredited electricians and plumbers are highly sought-after for our exceptional geyser timer installation, geyser blankets installations, solar geyser installations and geyser repair services by the business owner and residential owners of Cape Town.

    Geyser Timers Supplied and Installed in Cape Town

    What most people don’t realize is that the geyser accounts for 40% to 60% of the total electricity used in an average household in a month. When you think about this exponentially, that’s thousands of geysers countrywide running all day and night, putting tremendous strain on the electricity supply grid. This is why Eskom frequently asks consumers to install geyser timers in order to control the geyser’s operating times. A geyser timer is a consistent way to ensure that your geyser remains off during peak electricity demand periods

    How does a timer on a geyser work

    The timer turns the geyser element off during the pre-programmed time (typically two to three hours). During this period, the geyser element can be turned on whenever the hot water faucet is turned on. A geyser timer provides a steady method of ensuring that your geyser operates during peak demand. The main reason for shutting off your geyser would be that, once it’s off, the geyser element isn’t heating the water and thus reduce electricity wastage. If you leave your geyser running, the water temperature will remain high, needing little or no heat from your element. The element, however, will consume greater power after the hot water has been exhausted and the fresh cold water can fill the geyser’s chamber. If you allow the geyser to cool down, it will require much power to warm it up. Reducing your geyser’s energy usage will help your monthly costs and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

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    Which are the most efficient methods of electricity savings at home?

    It is best to use the hot water tap when you need to wash your hands, etc. Make sure you use less hot water than you wash by having shorter showers or baths. You can also reduce the temperature settings of your dishwasher and washing machine to reduce electricity use.

    It is also important to ensure that your geyser and water pipes are properly insulated. This will ensure that the loss of heat is reduced. Maintaining your geyser’s performance with the proper insulation will reduce the power needed to keep it running at high temperatures. The results of tests have demonstrated that effective insulation can save around 20% of the electricity cost for reheating the geyser after it has been shut off for more than 24 hours.

    You may also change the temperature of your geyser’s thermostat to 60 degrees Celsius, which will optimize electricity use. The higher temperatures aren’t necessary and, in turn, require more energy. Another option is to put your geyser close to the parts of your house where hot water is required. This helps reduce the cooling of the water while it rests on the pipes. As we said, a great option to save 24% energy and water usage is to set up an energy-efficient and water-saving showerhead. Another excellent idea is to switch the geyser off when you go off for a few days or when you are on vacation.

    When searching for a reliable geyser timer installer, call us at 073 409 4390. We specialise in geyser timer installation in Cape Town, Geyser Element Replacement, Smart Geyser Timers and electrical repairs

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