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LED Lighting Specialists, based in Milnerton, servicing the Cape Town areas.

We are suppliers of lighting and lighting control systems. Commercial, industrial, infrastructure and domestic applications. We offer a seamless service from design to delivery. Toptronic Energy Electrical offer a huge range of LED lighting Installations to meet each and every one of your needs.

We pride ourselves on being a green and environmentally friendly company, focusing on renewable energy solutions and low power consumption applications.

Flexible LED strips

LED Strip light, can be cut to length, ideal for decorative lighting, available in many colours or colour changing RGB.Swimming Pool LED’s , Under-counter lighting, etc

LED Floodlights –

LED Flood Light, low power consumption and long life span make them ideal for security lighting.Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lighting.

LED bulbs for retrofits

Led’s are available in a range of shapes and sizes to replace most existing bulbs.LED factory lighting, office lighting and outdoor lighting

Colourful LED Lighting

Create incredible lighting effects by changing light levels and colours.

Replacing your old incandescent and halogen lights and bulbs with energy efficient and long lasting LED lighting will not only cut your lighting bill by as much as 80%, but it also offers huge savings in terms of maintenance. If you are considering installing a back up power supply, generator or inverter, then converting your existing inefficient lighting to LED Lighting will greatly reduce the required load that your standby system needs to cater for, meaning you can install a smaller, less expensive system.LED Lighting Installations

An average 3 bedroom home may have up to 3 KW’s of lighting, by converting this to LED lighting you could easily reduce this load to under 1 KW thereby reducing the possible load your standby system needs to cater for by a massive 2 KW’s, these savings will be even more impressive for a commercial environment.

Beware, in the absence of local standards the South African LED lighting market has been flooded with products of inferior quality that boast “over the top” claims, we strongly recommend the use of reputable brands that have been manufactured to stringent EU standards only.


LED Lighting Maturing

LED Lighting is improving not just in terms of “How Much” light is generated, but also in the quality of the light being emitted.

Earlier LED products were quite poor at generating “realistic” light.

Natural daylight is made up of all seven colours of the spectrum, whereas LED’s are naturally blue and make use of just the three basic colours, RGB, or various chemicals to coat the blue LED to artificially generate a version of white light.

This is referred to as the Colour Rendering Index, CRI. The closer the rating is to a value of 100 the better the quality of the generated light. Quality LED products are now offering a CRI of 95.

We all know the older lighting technologies, incandescent and halogen, by the Wattage rating, we know how much light a 100 W bulb generates, but LED’s are different. The Wattage rating of an LED is not an accurate indication of how much light it will generate owing to variations in efficiency from manufacturer, make and model.

Lumen output is the Rating to look for on LED’s. A 100 W light bulb traditionally generates about 1000 Lumen and a 50W Halogen down light about 900 Lumen, an efficiency of 10-20 Lumen per Watt. LED’s currently offer 50-100 Lumen per Watt depending on the type and design of the fitting.

Ongoing development will see LED’s increase considerably in efficiency. Lab tests are currently achieving up to 300 Lumen per Watt.

LED bulbs are available in a range of “Colours”, our traditional incandescent or halogen lights operated by heating up a filament which in turn gave off light, this light is yellowish in nature, which is what we refer to as Warm White, if we wanted a whiter light we had to opt for CFL or Fluorescent.

With new developments in the production of LED lighting, there are thousands of different products available to shed light on all your lighting issues.

Here in South Africa, the need for outdoor security lighting is a must. The old style halogen security lights were unreliable and costly to run.

Today we have much more energy friendly LED security lights, ranging in various shapes and sizes to light up an area from as small as a courtyard to as big as a rugby field, using only a fraction of the electricity that conventional lighting used to.

In addition to the money you will save on electricity bills, the lifespan of LED lighting on average is 10,000 hours, which equates to around 5 years. This means that not only will you be saving on your electricity bill, but you will save on maintenance bills, eliminating the need to keep replacing those pesky light bulbs.

But LED lights are not only restricted to security lighting. All modern lighting can be replaced with LED lamps, from your bedside light to all your down lights. We can retro fit your existing light fittings with new LED lamps. There are various options available, dimmable and non-dimmable.

So if you want to reduce your electricity bill and the need to keep replacing lamps, give us a call today LED Lighting Installations

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