Solar Solutions


We have the know-how to help you with your choice of suitable solar power systems, sized properly for your needs.

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Solar installation and sizing
  • Maintenance of your installation
  • 24 hour help line

Your system will be professionally sized and installed to give you peace of mind, whether it is in the rise of electricity prices or the increase in blackouts due to load shedding.

A Grid-Connected solar power system, or Grid-Tied PV system are an electricity generating solar panel system that is connected to Eskom power. The main components of this system is Solar Panels and an Inverter. This system will be able to feed your in-house grid with electricity during the day. The amount of kWh it will be able to produce will depend on the size of the PV system.

For example:

At the moment the average price per kWh is R1,68 from Eskom, so the annual amount that the solar system will produce will be R24 528 worth of electricity per annum.

This amount will most definitely increase over the years as Eskom prices will be increasing. With this system you have the added benefit that during load shedding in daytime hours you will have essential load energy.