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Frequently Asked Questions
You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
How much does an Electrician charge?
What is a fair price for an electrician? Electricians usually charge between R450 to R900 per hour. Most homeowners pay a typical range between R500 and R15000 for an electrician to visit their home and complete electrical repairs. Both hourly and project rates vary depending on the type of project, license and experience of the service provider.
How many solar panels can a 5kw solar inverter off-grid or grid-tied handle?
For a 5kW or 5,000 watts inverter, we divide 5,000 by 400 watts for each solar panel to get the system's total wattage. This gives us 12.5 discussions, which we will sum up to 13. So, 13 solar panels with a 400-watt capacity are required to power a 5kW solar panel system.
Can I do the small electrical jobs in my house myself?
Definitely NO!! In South Africa it is illegal for anyone but a qualified electrician to do any domestic wiring or house rewiring. Even if the work has been done to standard it will not pass certification which is bad news especially if you need to sell the property. It makes sense for safety to hire a qualified electrician to carry out all your household wiring. You also risk your personal safety and the safety of your family and friends.
What is an RCD? Earth Leakage
An RCD is a residual-current device, also known as a earth leakage safety switch. The device is designed to monitor the electrical current and disconnect the power when a leak is detected from a fault in wiring, an appliance or switch. For more information on when to install RCD's
Where Do You Cover?
Toptronic Electrical Services offices are based in Cape Town,Western Cape, but all our electrical services are available to customers throughout Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape Province. Our electricians regularly work in industrial, commercial and residential areas. Distance within Western Cape is no object to us and our job booking team look forward to discussing your requirements.
What Are Your Prices?
Our job booking team will discuss your particular requirements and will advise on pricing. We are happy on most occasions to provide estimates or quotations free of charge. We pride ourselves on providing a 'Professional Efficient Service' and we strive to offer competitive rates whilst providing a quality customer-focused service from the minute you call our company through to job completion.
Do You Offer Free Estimates/Quotations?
On most occassions Yes we are happy to provide you with a free estimate or quotation. This may be provided verbally when you call us, or in writing and we may have to visit your premises depending on the type of work required. Depending on the location of your premises and the type of job to be done a charge may apply on some occassions - if this is the case then you will be notified by our job booking team when you contact us. We receive many calls requesting an estimate for fault finding jobs. We are unable to provide a fixed cost for fault finding work due to the work required to investigate the fault. Our job booking team may suggest that we attend for a short period of time to investigate your fault which will be chargeable and once the agreed time limit is up we will update the client with our findings. We will endeavour to repair the fault within the agreed time limit. We find this is the fairest approach for fault finding work.
How Quickly Can You Attend A Job?
Our job booking team will be happy to discuss your requirements and depending on the nature of the job, will either schedule a suitable time, or for emergencies arrange for an electrician to attend as soon as we can. We try and give specific time slots in which we aim to arrive and our job booking team will always keep you informed. We are nearly always on time but if delayed our job booking team will keep you informed. Our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices so our office team always know where each van is located in order to schedule in the closest vehicle to you to attend.
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    All Electrical work must be done by a qualified licensed electrician.