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  • 12 Apr, 2021
    Posted by Toptronic Energy Electrical
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    Find an Electrician Near You

    Need help finding an Electrician?

    We provide registered and qualified electricians in South Africa who can assist with residential, domestic or commercial electrical services, electrical installations and electrical repairs. In addition, our licensed electrical contractors in South Africa are authorized to issue electrical compliance certificates and our work therefore complies with electrical legislation. Moreover, we also provide a 24 hour electrician service and emergency electrician service in South Africa to our customers. To get hold of us urgently, please use the contact button below.. To get hold of us urgently, please use the contact number below.

    – CALL or WhatsApp on 073 409 4390 to book an Electrician

    Why use our electrical team?

    Looking for a certified electrician near you? or an electrician company? Click our contact button above to find an electrical contractor near you. You’re guaranteed to find the best electrician in your area because our electrical installation company strives to deliver a professional service by putting you in contact with local electricians in your area. Unlike some electrical companies, we operate as mobile electrician on call 24/7, so when you log a service call our customer service team are able to track the closest electrician to you and book in your electrical job straight away. This means that we can attend to your job sooner and our electricians are busy working in the field, not taking phone calls when they are working at your property.

    So if you are looking for an electrical contractor in Western Cape – Cape Town, Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard, West Coast, Durban KwaZulu Natal and Johannesburg that will turn up on time and carry out the work in a cost effective and time effective manner give the team at Toptronic Energy Electrical a call.

    We offer a huge range of electrical services

    Below is a list of some of the electrical services, installations, and repairs our electricians can help you with. If you can’t find what you are looking for simply give us a call on 073 409 4390 , we are sure to be able to help.

    • Earth leakage repairs
    • Electrical  installations
    • Fault finding and then diagnosis
    • Backup and standby generators
    • LED lighting Installation
    • 24 hour electricians
    • Council prepaid meter installation
    • Stove extractor fans
    • Fixing power outages
    • Distribution board installations
    • Surge protection
    • Inspection and testing of electrical installation
    • Stove installations / Stove Repairs
    • Large or small rewiring jobs
    • Tripp switches, fuse boards, circuit breakers replacement
    • Hot water systems
    • Pool pump repairs
    • Oven installations
    • Geyser element replacement
    • Bathroom extractor fan
    • Wall panel heater installation
    • Bathroom heaters installation
    • Preventative maintenance programs
    • Electrical wiring repairs
    • Solar inverter installations
    • Emergency electrical services
    • Electric fencing installation
    • 3 phase power upgrades
    • Geyser electrical wiring
    • Flood lighting
    • Switchboard Installations
    • Garden lights
    • Electrical compliance certificates (C.O.C)
    • Appliances, switches, lights, wall sockets
    • Domestic electrical installations
    • Commercial electrical installations
    • Industrial electrical installations
    • Sign Lighting
    • Swimming Pool Power Repairs
    • Jacuzzi Repairs
    • Lamp Replacement
    • Down lights and Dimmers
    • Air Conditioning Installations
    • Air Conditioner Regas
    • Aircon Relocation
    • Ceiling Fans and Ceiling Fan installation and wiring
    • Electrical Contracting

    Electricians that issue electrical certificates of compliance and electric fence certificates

    In South Africa, you cannot renovate, build or sell any property without an Electric Clearance Certificate (ECC), validated by the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa and the Electrical Conformance Board of South Africa (ECB). We provide an electrical compliance certificate to guarantee that our work has been done according to regulation.

    Performing installations, maintenance, and electrical repairs to keep structures and processes in good working order can lead you to need a qualified, skilled, and licensed electrician validated by the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa and the Electrical Conformance Board of South Africa (ECB).

    Before a transfer can take place, the seller must provide an Electric Clearance Certificate. To safeguard both the seller and the buyer, the ECOC proves that the property electrics and electrical circuits function correctly; the property is correctly earthed and bonded, and the property is free from defective electrical work that could cause electric shock risks and fire hazards.

    When selling your property, it’s now also mandatory to supply a valid Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (EFCOC) before your property transfer can be concluded.

    We deliver solutions that are safe by diagnosing and advising you about your electrical installation issues or requirements.

    If you need advice on an electrical fault, help with appliances, switches or wall sockets, contact our electricians in your area to get expert assistance.

    Contact Electrician Near You

    We are centrally based in various key areas which means we can respond to your electrical inspection or repair swiftly.

    To find a nearby electrician, please click our contact button below. We will put you in contact with a local electrician near you that will be able to assist with any electrical service you need.


    Why should you use a qualified electrician or electrical contractor?

    Struggling to find local electricians in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, or maybe you’re looking to call a 24-hour electrician in the Western Cape?

    It wasn’t until Benjamin Franklin flew his kite in a thunderstorm that electricity became a powerful force to mankind. All you need to do is think of the last time you had load-shedding. Everything went dead. You had no lights, no internet, no fridge, and no Netflix or ShowMax.

    So, what will you do when there’s an emergency or damage to your property, and you need urgent electrical repairs?

    Don’t DIY if You Don’t Know What You are Doing

    Will you do a DIY with the help from Google, call a cousin of a friend-of-a-friend, or will you call a local electrician? Simply put, you wouldn’t visit a heart surgeon if you had a broken arm, a BMW service centre if you had a Tesla, or a divorce attorney if you were buying property. Well, the same goes for your electrics.

    Sure, while Google can make repairing electrical damage or setting up circuit boards and home wiring look as easy as your ABCs—electricity can be fatal if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    When the circuit board malfunctions, and the lights go out—unless you want a 911 situation, it’s best to call an Electric Engineer.

    The Value of Your Investment Depends Upon Proper Electrical Functioning

    Whether you’re renovating, building a new property, or selling a property, the short- and long-term value of your investment depends upon proper electrical functioning.

    Electrical work is a serious business—and the only way to do it accurately is with a serious, master electrician. An electrician plans electrical systems for homes and buildings, interprets blueprints, and installs wiring, lighting, control systems, switches, and circuit breaker panels – the infrastructure that gives a property momentum.

    However, a property’s infrastructure will deteriorate over decades, demanding repairs, replacements, and upgrades of faulty or outdated fixtures and wiring. Therefore, you will need a master electrician on your side—especially if you’re looking to put your property on the market.


    Working with Electricity Requires Certified Electricians

    Electrical work requires serious credentials that include a Wireman’s Licence, a DOL Registration Certificate, and an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (CoC). These certificates and licenses confirm that the electrician has gone through all the required training, trade tests and that they have the experience and skills to get the job done accurately.

    If you’re tempted to do a DIY or ask a friend-of-a-friend who knows his way around wires and circuit boards—stop to consider the long-term costs you can avoid.

    Never cut corners on electrical work—leave it to the professionals.

    Your electrician has a lot of responsibility in his hands, which is why you must choose a master electrician with expertise, skill, and experience. Not only will a credited electrician provide an on-budget, speedy, and proficient service, but a qualified electrician will help you avoid having to call another local electrical technician down the line.

    Partner with Respected, Experienced Electricians throughout South Africa

    To avoid one headache after the other, type in “24-hour electrician near me or an emergency electrician in Cape Town, Durban,  Johannesburg”, or give Toptronic Energy Electrical a call.

    Specialists in electric compliance requirements, we provide 24/7 electrical support to residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout South Africa.

    Complying with Occupational Health and Safety standards and SABS standards, our qualified industrial electricians, residential electricians, commercial electricians, maintenance electricians, and repair electricians provide inspections, accurate advice, detailed quotes, installations, maintenance, repairs and upgrades done according to the latest SANS 10142-1 wiring code, book of practice.

    Whether you’re looking to call a residential and commercial electrician in the Western Cape , a team of electrical contractors in Cape Town, you urgently require an Electric Certificate of Compliance, or you urgently require electrical maintenance, repairs or advice—we’ve got your area covered.

    Our electricians provide electrical services in the following cities and areas within South Africa

    Click the links below to get more information about the service locations below:




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