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Hybrid Inverter – Empower Your Energy Independence with the Atess HPS100 3-PHASE

Unlock a new era of energy freedom with the Atess HPS100 Hybrid Inverter—a robust, adaptable, and cutting-edge energy solution designed for the unique demands of the South African market. Ideal for a variety of applications, from industrial facilities to large-scale residential complexes, this inverter redefines power independence.

Key Features of the Atess HPS100 Hybrid Inverter:

Tailored for South Africa: Specifically crafted for South African conditions, this inverter is built to withstand the challenges of the local climate and grid instability. It ensures uninterrupted power, even in less-than-ideal conditions.
Perfect for 3-Phase Delta Connection: Ideal for 3-phase delta connections, the Atess HPS100 is the preferred choice for businesses and industrial setups that require a robust energy solution.
All-in-One Hybrid Inverter: The Atess HPS100 combines multiple functions into one integrated unit, supporting battery, load, grid, and solar connections. This seamless integration allows you to harness energy from diverse sources, giving you control over your energy production and consumption.
Programmable Working Modes: Tailor your energy usage to your specific needs with programmable working modes. Whether you want to prioritize peak shaving, backup power, or any other scenario, this inverter adapts to your preferences.
Scalable Design: Need more power? The Atess HPS100 offers scalability by allowing you to quadruple your capacity through the paralleling of up to four units. Your energy needs are effortlessly met, no matter how they evolve.
Hot Backup: In a parallel system, if one inverter fails, the others take over seamlessly. This hot backup feature ensures a continuous power supply, even during unforeseen situations.
User-Friendly Touchscreen LCD: Set parameters and conduct maintenance tasks with ease, thanks to the inverter’s user-friendly touchscreen LCD. It offers a convenient interface for effortless operation and monitoring.
Seamless Transfer: Count on a consistent power supply with the Atess HPS100, which guarantees an uninterruptible power supply through seamless transfer capability during transitions between power inputs.
Dry Contact Output: The inverter supports remote control of DG (diesel generators) via dry contact outputs, offering efficient management of your energy resources.
Why Choose the Atess HPS100 Hybrid Inverter:

Reliability: The inverter is designed to withstand the unique challenges of the South African environment, ensuring a reliable and stable energy source for your needs.
Customisation: Its programmable working modes give you complete control over your energy system, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements.
Expandability: The Atess HPS100’s scalable design means you can effortlessly increase your energy capacity as your needs grow.
Efficiency: This inverter maximizes energy efficiency, reducing costs while supporting a sustainable energy future.
Experience energy independence like never before with the Atess HPS100 Hybrid Inverter. Whether you’re seeking a reliable backup power source, looking to reduce electricity bills, or require an energy solution for a commercial enterprise, this inverter is your path to a sustainable and efficient future. Don’t wait; take charge of your energy destiny today with Atess!


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