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High Surge Safe Power Protector with Euro Socket


High Surge Safe Power Protector with Euro Socket. A surge is an abnormal but temporary high voltage on the electrical mains caused by non-direct lightning strikes from noise possibly produced by the use of heavy duty appliances, heavy duty machinery or large power tools.



High Surge Safe Power Protector with Euro Socket

Features and Benefits

  • 2 Year Warranty claim period
  • High Surge Protection – R30 000 Repair or replace Warranty
  • Conforms to the highest South African standards
  • Surge Safe Adaptor has a built-in mains tester
  • Protects 2 appliances with Euro socket
  • Manufactured from self-extinguishing material

Don’t risk losing your valuable equipment through a surge, protect it with the Surge Safe Plug. High Surge Safe Power Protector with Euro Socket

What is a surge?
As we live in a country with unstable power supply, care to protect our household appliances and electronic equipment is paramount.

A power surge can occur when power is restored after an interruption in the electricity supply, load shedding, vandalism to substations, cable theft, general power outages and when socket outlets are overloaded as a result of plugging in too many devices to the same socket. Even though the duration of a spike is typically less than a thousandth of a second, never underestimate the extent of damage that could be caused to household appliances and electronic equipment.


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