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  • Residential, Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting
    LED Lighting Installation and Repairs

    We offer a huge range of LED lighting solutions to meet each and every one of your needs.
    We pride ourselves on being a green and environmentally friendly company, focusing on renewable energy solutions and low power consumption applications.

    With new developments in the production of LED lighting, there are thousands of different products available to shed light on all your lighting issues.

    Here in South Africa, the need for outdoor security lighting is a must. The old style halogen security lights were unreliable and costly to run.

    Today we have much more energy friendly LED security lights, ranging in various shapes and sizes to light up an area from as small as a courtyard to as big as a rugby field, using only a fraction of the electricity that conventional lighting used to.

    In addition to the money you will save on electricity bills, the lifespan of LED lighting on average is 10,000 hours, which equates to around 5 years. This means that not only will you be saving on your electricity bill, but you will save on maintenance bills, eliminating the need to keep replacing those pesky light bulbs.

    But LED lights are not only restricted to security lighting. All modern lighting can be replaced with LED lamps, from your bedside light to all your downlights. We can retro fit your existing light fittings with new LED lamps. There are various options available, dimmable and non-dimmable.

    So if you want to reduce your electricity bill and the need to keep replacing lamps, give us a call today.


    LLED security lighting, LED lighting retrofits, LED factory lighting, LED sports field lighting, LED commercial and retails lighting

    • LED Lighting Installation
    • Pool/Spa Lighting
    • Electrical Panel Replacement
    • LED Lighting Replacement
    • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Lighting
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Dimmer Lighting
    • Home Lighting Wiring and Re-Wiring
    • Electrical Lighting Troubleshooting & Repairs
    • Lighting Audits / Energy Audits

    When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at +27734094390. We specialize in electrical repairs, led lighting installations, panel upgrades, and electrical inspections! We sell LED lights to home owners as well as to wholesalers. We are selling LED Flood lights, LED Flood light with magnifier, six colour changing (RGB) LED flood lights, LED Down lights, LED Corn lights, LED candle lights, LED High bay lights, LED tubes,

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